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A Slumped Bottle By Any Other Name...

I am over half way into the Christmas show season. During this time, I have talked to a lot of shoppers, and/or hear them discuss the products I sell.  More specifically how they refer to the slumped bottles.  I have made a list, not sure this serves any purpose, but I think it is amusing.

Here is a list of names I hear customers call the bottles:

Slumped Bottles
Melted Bottles
Smashed Bottles
Flat Bottles
Flattened Bottles
Squished Bottles
Squeezed Bottles
Crushed Bottles

In addition to the various names given to the flat bottles, I also get many questions/comments:

Most, of course - "How did you do that?"

"You must have an oven that gets pretty hot."

"How did you get the air of of the bottles?"

"Did you have fun drinking all the liquor/wine/beer?"

"Is that real glass?"

"What do I use these for?" :)

So to answer some questions...You can call them slumped bottles whatever you like.  I tend to call them flat bottles, or melted bottles.  They are actually slumped bottles, since the glass is slumped in the kiln.  I think many customers are not sure what slumping is, so I refer to them as flat or melted bottles.  The bottles are de-labeled, cleaned, then placed in a special glass kiln that heats them to over 1400 degrees.  The whole process takes nearly 14 hours to complete.  Glass has to heat up and cool down at a certain pace so that it does not break.  The melted bottles have many functional uses. Many use them as cheese trays, sushi platters, spoon rests, and wall hangings among other things.

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