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Disassembling Wine Barrels


Today was a good day to take apart a wine barrel.  I bought 2 here in Kentucky, and I plan on using the staves for various products.  The barrel was surprisingly easy to disassemble. I simply pried the nails out of the hoops.  There were 2 nails per hoop.  Then I took a pry bar, and hammer, and knocked the hoops off the barrel.  From there, I simply started pulling out the staves, and the barrel fell apart.  

The inside of the oak wine barrel shows a great patina stain from the 10 months to 4 years of storing the red wine inside.  During the aging process the oak from the barrel releases phenols which help flavor the wine, and as the wine ages, it give the inside of the staves a beautiful burgundy color.  White wines will show a "toasting" of the wood, and not the burgundy color you see here.

The outside of the oak staves show great rustic character that I am looking for to create the products.  The wine barrel also shows marks  from the hoops, as well as the months or years of aging.

These two barrels should keep me busy for a few weeks.  I hope to post some images of products I made in the near future. I am thinking of wine stave candle holders (which I have already made), wine stave serving trays, and some wine barrel wall decor.  

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