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Bottle Lamps


I started making bottle lamps from recycled bottles awhile back. These lamps have become pretty popular at the festivals and shows I attend, as well as my Etsy store. Each bottle lamp is drilled with a diamond bit, cleaned, and assembled into a lamp. The socket is a push-through style socket.  I typically sell them online without shades, as this is usually a personal choice.  I do have some "neutral" colored shades that can be included in a purchase if one so desires.

If you are looking for a great addition to your bar or man cave, these bottle bar lamps make great decor, and are a great conversation piece.

I stock many different bottles, so if you have a particular brand of liquor or wine that you would like to have made into a lamp, contact me, and I will let you know if I have it.  I also do custom work, so if you want, you can ship your bottle to me, and I will make it into a lamp for you.

I have had customers ask me about shades, and bulbs.  Here is what is recommended:

-Use a lamp shade for your bottle lamp that is only an "open top/open bottom type. It should be a Slip UNO style.
-Use only standard type "A" medium base bulbs
-The distance from any part of the bulb to any part of the shade should not be less than:

Bulb Wattage Lamp to Shade Spacing (inches) Shade Opening Diameter (inches)
25 1 5/8 3
40 2 3 1/2
60 2 1/2 3 1/2
75 2 7/8 3 1/2
100 3 1/2 4
150 4 3/4 4 1/2
200 6 5
250 7 1/4 5 1/2


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