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Melted Flat Wine Bottles



We create slumped melted wine bottles from reclaimed bottles.  Rather than throw these beautiful bottles in the landfill after use, we take them and give them a second life!  Each reclaimed wine bottle is carefully placed in a special mold, then fired in our kiln for several hours.  The result is a beautifully shaped wine bottle that can be used as a cheeseboard, serving platter, appetizer tray, snack dish and many other uses.

Some of our popular flat wine bottles are:

Snack N Dip - This bottle features two serving wells in one bottle.  This wine tray is great for salsa, guacamole, party mix, nachos,  or your favorite hors d'oeuvres. You can simply place your snack in one well, and your favorite dip in the other!

Arched Neck Wine Serving Tray - We have taken the contemporary melted wine bottle, and given it an arched neck handle to make it easy to move and handle. This beautiful single well tray can also hold your partnering dips, sauces and garnishments.


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