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Slumping Bottles With A Kiln


Well, I've gone and done it...bought myself a kiln.  I have always been cold working my glass, but was always curious to learn more about slumping and fusing glass the more I worked with it.  The kiln arrived the other day.  Everything was intact, except there were no feet for the furniture I am waiting "patiently" for these to be shipped so I can start testing some slumping.

At the art shows, craft fairs, and festivals I attend, invariably someone would ask (or mention) about slumped wine bottles.  I have been researching the process for about 6 months now.  I rented some kiln time at a local studio in order to make some of my jewelry pendants.  The studio time got to be pretty expensive, and I really didn't have the time to experiment.  So now, I can experiment with various glass pieces and get exactly what I want.

I have ordered some molds that look very interesting. I am hoping to create some great "melted wine bottles." I expect it will take me several weeks (if not months) before I have a deliverable product, since I have limited time working with slumping glass.

My goal, in addition to making melted bottles, is to work on other glass pieces, including: Jewelry, small serving dishes, and possibly some art pieces.  All of this, of course, will come from reclaimed bottles that I have always worked with.

Stay tuned...I will update my progress here.

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