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Close to Success With Melted Bottles

I have been working with slumping melted wine bottles for a few weeks now.  It is a little more difficult than I initially thought.  I am trying to perfect several different molds, bottle styles, glass thickness, glass colors, etc.  Each seems to perform a little differntly when fired in the kiln.  I have found when I fire flat bottles, I can fire at a higher temperature, but when I fire in a mold, the peak temperature is usually 50+ degrees cooler than when using a mold.  I have also found that different colors are more prone to Devit (devitrification).  Devit is a white milky type coating that appears on the surface during firing. There are many things that can cause devit including:

Firing too long or too hot
Holding too long in the "devitrification temperature range"
Dirty glass
Types of glass
Color of glass

I have been using a spray solution of Borax and water which has helped.

I have alot more firings to do before I can say I am successful at slumping all types of bottles.  I have however found 5-6 bottle styles and a firing schedule that works most every time.  I am getting some of these flat wine bottles in stock.  The other types of flat bottles (liquor, vodka, bourbon, beer, etc.), I will be experimenting with, and adding to inventory as I feel comfortable with a repeatable process.

Time to get back to the kiln for more testing...check back later!

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