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Personalized Labels For Flattened Wine Bottles


It's been awhile since I have posted on this blog.  I have been successfully slumping (melting, flattening) many styles of wine, liquor and beer bottles.  It has definitely been a learning process.  While working with the various wine bottles, and removing the labels for kiln firing, I always admired the creativity and art work that is displayed on these labels.  I wanted to figure out a way to preserve the label, and reapply them to the bottles.  I tried MANY different methods/techniques.  Most were a miserable failure :)

I didn't want to just glue (or mod podge) the labels back on, as I wanted customers to be able to use these as a wine bottle cheese tray, or wine appetizer plate.  Most of these glues are not safe for food contact.  Plus, they are not very durable.  After many, many weeks of research and testing, I have finally found a way to reapply the labels and encase them in a durable clear sealant that is approved for food prep.

Once I was able to successfully seal the labels, I thought it would be great if customers could create their own style of wine labels.  So I worked on designing labels that allow you to create personalized wine labels on these melted bottles.  The lines of text can be customized.  You can create your own winery, celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, or whatever your heart desires.

Also, these melted wine bottles can now be used as serving trays, or can be hung on the wall of your bar, den, kitchen, or wherever.  I have fused a hanging loop through the mouth of the bottle, which allows the flattened bottle to be hung on the wall.

I hope you enjoy these flat bottles.  They make great gifts for your wine loving friends, or keep them for yourself!




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