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New Kiln Arrived Today!

I have been struggling to keep up with demand utilizing my current kiln. I can only fit 2 wine bottles in it, which I slump into wine bottle cheese trays, and other items. It is a Paragon Trio, which has (and will continue) served its purpose well.  My new kiln is an Olympic GF314E. The interior is 25" x 25" x 13.5"!  I should be able to fit approximately 7 wine bottles for slumping.  This bigger, deeper kiln also allows me the ability to make some other recycled glass items that have been bouncing around in my head, but have been unable to do, due to my existing klin limitations.

The kiln arrived from Olympic in about 3 weeks from the time of order.  I am waiting on the electrician to get my electrical hooked up, so I can start firing.  I had an electrician scheduled last week, but he disappeared...so now I have to start over finding someone qualified, and getting quotes.

The larger size of this kiln will allow me to make some recycled wine bottle dishes, recycled glass candle holders, wine bottle wind chimes, etc.  I will just need some time experimenting with the firing schedules for this kiln.  

Hope to have some more new exiting recycled glass products soon!  Stay tuned!

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