About Us

Bottle Crafters creates unique glassware from recycled bottles. Our efforts help reduce landfill usage, and allow us to do our little part to help the environment. Our upcycled products include: Glass Tumblers, Melted Wine Bottles, Slumped Bottles, Glass Jars, Bowls, Lighting, and Vases, Wine Bottle Candles, Melted Liquor Bottles, Flattened Wine Bottles, Personalized Labels on Flattened Wine Bottle, Hanging Wine Bottle Candle Holders, Wine Bottle Hurricanes. Most of these items are re-purposed from Beer Bottles, Liquor Bottles and Wine Bottles. Buying these recycled and re-purposed products is a great way to make a positive impact on the environment by cutting back on waste and the resources needed to make new items, while still owning a sylish unique product!