Who Are You?

Bottle Crafters was born one night while sitting around enjoying a cocktail with friends.  While I was enjoying my cocktail, I was also admiring the form of the bottle, and thinking to myself how this would make a great drinking glass. Not only would this bottle serve a great pourpose by being a stylish drinking glass, but it would be saved from spending thousands of years in a landfill.

Over the course of the next few months, I researched ways to cut and polish glass.  After many months of testing, and cuts to the hand too numerous to mention, I was able to perfect a system for these recycled glassware products that you see here today.

What Do You Do?

I make things from reclaimed bottles, of course :)

Why Am I Here?

Good question, I assume you are looking for stylish eco-friendly reclaimed glassware products that will be the hit of your next party, or the perfect gift idea for the friend who has "everything."

When Will My Order Ship?

All items are made per order. Please allow up to 7 days for your order to ship. We normally ship USPS Priority Mail and usually take 2-3 days to deliver.  So, you can usually expect to have your products in 10 days max. If you would like your order expedited, please contact me.

Do You Ship Internationally

Yes, contact me with your address and I will get you a custom quote.

My Product Arrived Broken! 

I take great care in packaging these recycled glassware products.  Unfortunately, due to the brutality USPS and the like inflict on packages, they sometimes (in rare instances) do arrive broken.  If this is the case with you, please take a picture of the product and email to me.  I insure shipments, and need these pictures in order to make a claim with USPS.  Regarding your product, I can offer a full refund, or replacement.  No questions asked!  Well, actually I lied, I may ask a few questions, such as:  "Do you want the same product?", "Do you want it shipped to the same address?", etc.

Can I send you a photo to be put on one of your bottles?

Yes, we do custom labels! Email us a photo of your choice and we will epoxy it onto one of our melted wine bottles.

I Have My Own Bottle, Can You Melt It?

Yes, please use the contact form and I will reach out with a few questions I will need answered before I can quote you custom service. We WILL NOT remove labels and reapply them. It is a difficult process and the labels are usual damaged during it. We WILL melt your bottle and apply a custom label of your choice to it.

My Product Looks A Bit Different From The One Pictured On Your Site, Why?

Each of our products is handcrafted and unique.  There are no two exactly alike.  If for any reason you not satisfied, please contact me.

How Should I Care For These Products?

Hand washing is recommended for our products.